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Shvil ha-Merets 6, Tel Aviv-Yafo



A totally open kitchen, a spectacular frontal performance for the guests, and a unique chef's restaurant experience in Tel Aviv

Moran Lidor, our group's official chef, has put a great deal of passion, knowledge and culinary expertise into creating a menu, and making tight trendy dishes in a frontal kitchen before the guests, who may enjoy the delicious food and see complex preparation and serving processes – a spectacular show of color, form and composition.

The menu Lidor has composed consists of a variety of high-quality fusion dishes, with emphasis on the Asian aspect that Moran so loves. Freshness and on-the-spot preparation, when it comes to an array of Instagram presentations, customized to each and every couple, is the name of the game, combined with designed stations at which our professional team will serve meticulous plated portions.

Our chef's culinary hosting offers a multi-sensory experience attained through a combination of fresh-from-the-oven breads and pastries, fresh fish delivered straight from the market, meat smokers placed in the hall's courtyard, the Roman pizza stand with a variety of fillings, freshly picked garden vegetables blended into colorful salads… all resulting in a magical world of rich, accurate flavor – full of zest, color and joy.