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Shvil ha-Merets 6, Tel Aviv-Yafo


Our Story

Rocco Events House is a new events hall from the Event House Group,
Which includes 1947 & Duce Villa, and has been chosen as the Group’s spearhead.

Amongst the galleries and lofts of Israeli artists there is an events hall, which, at the end of the 1960s was a factory for refining and processing gold Rocco Events House features a breathtaking urban design with a splendid contrast of a natural landscape and rolling fields that are visible from all directions.

In the hall, much effort has been invested for disclosing and exposing the ceiling and some of the walls in the original building and, at the side, one of the original safes, in which the gold that was produced was kept, has been left intact as a memory of the building’s gold period.
The main hall features a processed wooden floor made from ancient wooden blocks and the concourse is filled with local arts, antique carpets, warm and inviting eclectic furniture and Belgian windows that provide a sense of disconnection from the surroundings. The veranda that surrounds the complex is full of beautiful plants, abundant textures of foliage, flowers and fragrances that generate a connection with green and nature And the view... Only nature could create this, a landscape of open fields in Tel Aviv full of all types and varieties of trees that together form a dense and enchanting creation in the heart of Tel Aviv look and feel.

Rocco hosts private and business affairs of all types, weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, conferences, business events, launching, exhibitions, fashion shows etc.
The Hall is adapted to events of up to 400 guests seated around tables and 600 guests at cocktail parties and is open to events during all seasons at any time of the day, and on any day of the week including Fridays.
The site has adjacent parking, a business license, a kosher certificate from the Tel Aviv Rabbinate