Tel Aviv Event house

Rocco Events House is a new events hall from the Event House Group, Which includes 1947 & Duce Villa, and has been chosen as the Group’s spearhead. Amongst the galleries and lofts of Israeli artists there is an events hall, which, at the end of the 1960s was a factory for refining and processing gold Rocco Events House features a breathtaking urban design with a splendid contrast of a natural landscape and rolling fields that are visible from all directions.

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  • Urban Weddings

Urban Weddings

The strategic location in the heart of Tel Aviv, urban design with natural scenery and a meticulous Chef’s menu with the highest quality raw materials, all these and more are waiting for you at Rocco Events House. A strategic location, excellent cuisine and a designed events hall are the winning formula for providing you with an unforgettable wedding!

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  • Business Events

Business Events

If your vision of a business event includes a central location in Tel Aviv with adjacent parking, pulsating urban design and green and open scenery, we are happy to inform you that you have found the right place! The Rocco Event House belongs to the Event House Group, which is under the ownership of Events Houses 1947 and Duce Villa. Thus, our professionalism in the business-hosting field is highly evident in every item at the site.

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Open Chef Kitchen

Moran Lidor, the group’s official chef has created a menu that comprises compact trendy courses in a frontal kitchen in view of the guests. The underlying concept here is to supply the best highest quality raw materials prepared in front of the guests while taking colors, tastes and fragrances from local products into account.

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